Every year a new, cringe-inducing, “sexy” costume hits stores.  This year it’s the sexy vaccine costume. It’s a skin-tight beige dress with a syringe headpiece and it’s the dumbest thing you’ll see all day.


We joked about how horrible "sexy" costumes are this morning and asked our listeners to help us build a list of sexy Rochester costumes.

Halloween should be close to normal this year with costume parties and contests. If you want to turn heads when you go out, but need some ideas, check out the suggestions below.

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5 "Sexy" Rochester Themed Halloween Costumes

1) "Sexy" Doctor

Rochester is known as the Med-City so it shouldn't be a surprise that a healthcare-related costume made the list. (Spoiler: 2 actually made this list.)


Doctor was actually the top response when the dating app Clover asked women what the sexiest job a man can have is.

There are a ton of doctors in Rochester. Biz Journals says, there are more docs per capita here than in any other city in the country. And there are even more nurses in Rochester...

2) "Sexy" Nurse


3) "Sexy" 2nd Street Flag Waving Guy

All you need for this costume is a pair of swim trunks, a flag to wave, and the confidence to make it sexy. Everyone loves Joe and everybody will love you if you show up wearing a costume inspired by this local celebrity. ( This is my favorite - If I was judging a costume contest I'd vote for the person who showed up wearing this!)


4) "Sexy Corn" 

Rochester's Ear of Corn Tower is a very topical costume. The landmark, that just received a facelift, is all over the news after winning the people's choice award for "Tank of the Year."  


5) "Sexy" Crow

Ugh. This is a costume for those that root for the villain.


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