This weekend, the Minnesota Vikings are traveling to London to take on the Cleveland Browns, which means fans of the Purple are treated to a special 8:30AM kickoff this Sunday. Isn’t that the best? It’s like Christmas morning for football fans, except instead of opening presents, you get to roll out of bed and watch Minnesota lay the smackdown on Cleveland (most likely). No complaints on my end!

If you plan on heading out to watch the game somewhere, here are 5 bars in Rochester that will be opening early for some Vikings shenanigans.

  1. Whistle Binkies On The Lake

Both locations will be open at 8AM and will feature a free hot dog bar.

  1. Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill
Scotty Matthews/TSM Rochester

They’re opening at 8:30AM and will be serving up breakfast to order.

  1. Dooley’s Irish Pub
TSM Rochester

Open at 7:45AM. Beer will be served!

  1. Beetles Bar And Grill
Credit: Beetles via Facebook

Open at 8AM. They're serving biscuits and gravy along with complimentary donuts while they last.

  1. The Freight Yard

Open at 8AM, serving breakfast and lunch all day, with additional drink specials.

Are there any other bars opening early that you’d recommend? Feel free to drop a comment below or on our Facebook page!

SKOL Vikes!