Are you the kind of person who relies heavily on reviews? I tend to steer clear of them unless they are hilarious like these...

Rochester definitely has some awesome attractions, bars and restaurants that anyone would love to visit. What's strange to me is that according to Help Scout, "For every customer who bothers to complain, 26 other customers remain silent." So, if so many people are "remaining silent," how bad was the experience really? In my opinion, it's only "that bad" if you voice your thoughts.

Here's what some tourists had to say about our favorite locations in Rochester. Do you agree with any of the opinions below?


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    The Kahler Hotel

    170 people rated this hotel favorite as "poor," and only because it's "old"....umm, isn't that part of the charm?

    User TheSnootyTraveler said, "We upgraded to the Great Lakes Suite on the "Concierge" floor at the top and we were still greatly disappointed. The rooms are SO outdated. Everything from the beds and towels to the linens need some serious updating. One of the bedrooms has a skylight directly over the bed without anyway to block out the light... There is no attention to detail at all.... We ordered Room Service one evening and it was a disaster. We thought we'd be safe and order the baked chicken. It arrived and it was so over-cooked it was inedible. We had to send it back. The 2nd delivery was less over-cooked but still over-cooked. The mashed potatoes were like glue... Long story short... stay at the Doubletree...."


  • TSM Rochester
    TSM Rochester

    Quarry Hill Nature Center

    User MandySSS gave Quarry Hill an average rating, explaining, "Good place to take the family for a day if visiting from out of town and looking for something to do. I would have gave it a higher rating but the place seems like it is always very busy and for nature walks most people prefer a quieter setting."


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    Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial

    This one was hilarious. Trip Advisor reviewer Thomas G said, "The sky was beautiful, blue and pretty. The girls there were hot so I would like to go back for some more nature viewing."

    Priorites, people... priorities.

  • In Rochester you can get a drink and warm up at the same time. Hefe Rojo (@heferojorochmn) • Instagram photo
    In Rochester you can get a drink and warm up at the same time. Hefe Rojo (@heferojorochmn) • Instagram photo

    Hefe Rojo

    Remember that time user Bill S had strong thoughts on Hefe Rojo? He said, "This place is to Mexican food what the fotune cookie is to Chinese food. From its mispelled name to is yogurt based guacamole, its obvious they dont have a clue about Mexican food and they know most people in Rochester are the same. There are many other places to get good, authentic, unpretentious Mexican food."

    Nah bro, we still love Hefe Rojo.

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    The Canadian Honker

    This is so Rochester. Check out what user lindencraig said about The Canadian Honker, "We chose this restaurant because it served Walleye and was near our hotel. The walleye was actually good, but the rest of the meal was not. The soup tasted like Campbell's cream of whatever and the potatoes were just that. The wine was edging towards vinegar. The atmosphere is a bit like eating in a nursing home. Most of the diners are over 70 and many are in wheelchairs, presumably patients from Mayo Clinic. Our waitress was super nice though and sounded just like an actor on Fargo."


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