There's still snow on the ground, but it's never too early to think about taking an awesome vacation!

When was the last time you look a vacation? The sun, the sand, a drink in your hand! It's hard not to want to take that trip immediately! Here's five reasons you should think "vacation" at our Home, Vacation & RV Show coming next weekend! It's all thanks to Home Solutions Midwest - Making Homes New Again!

1. They really aren't hard to plan.

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Ed-Ventures and Legacy Travel Group are here to help! Stop and see them.


2. You can escape this.

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3. You'll have a lot of options.

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All-inclusive? Mexico? Hiking in Europe or Alaska? Nothing is too much to look toward! When would you like to leave?


4. You can find it within your budget.

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It takes a little planning, but no vacation is impossible. Even that European one you finally want to take! Plenty of vendors can help you find what's best for you.


5. Let's be honest - you need it.

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Enough said? Thought so.

Be sure to join us next weekend at our Home,Vacation and RV Show! We'll be at the Olmsted County Fairground! Get more here.