Earth Day is on the way! Are you ready to help Rochester look its best?

Have you ever thought that parts of Rochester had way too much trash on the road? There's a campaign that's starting up to help combat this.

It's called Litter Bit Better. For the past 11 years, they've cleaned up over 100 tons of trash throughout Rochester. They explain, "Volunteers are encouraged to collect litter anytime during that week. Trash and recycling bags are provided, all you need to do is pick a location, pick a date, and pick it up! Registration information, maps and more can be found at"

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Registration is now open, and the campaign happens April 22nd - 29th this year! Here's five reasons to take part!

1. Rochester looks better!

Stephen Maturen
Stephen Maturen

2. You can turn your excursion into a happy hour.

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Seriously, have drinks after and make it a party!

3. You're encouraging environmental conservation.

We take pride in that in Minnesota, don't we?

4. Your kids get a clean environment, and gain compassion for others.

Carl Court
Carl Court

They'll love the idea of helping the community! As they cleanup, they can gain an understanding of what it's like to think of others.

5. You can make the pickup location convenient for you.

As you register, you'll notice you get your choice of location, date and time.


We love Litter Bit Better! They do amazing things for our community! Still not familiar? Get more here.

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