It's no secret that the Red Hot Chili Peppers put on an intense live show. They just have fun with everything they do! In case you needed more reasons to see them in concert (we've got your hookup by the way), we've got five to consider.

1) FLEA.

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You know that dude is gonna slap some serious bass. Enough said.


2) A fight could break out on stage.

James Corden proved to us that they enjoy a good schoolyard scuffle from time to time. I'd like to watch that.


3) Anthony Kiedis doesn't age.

during the Valley Rock Festival on July 22, 2016 in Incheon, South Korea.
Chung Sung-Jun

Maybe you can sip from the same fountain of youth if you're near him. Either that, or you can study how that happened. Let's be honest, dude doesn't age.


4) They've got a new guitar player.

Kevin Winter
Kevin Winter

Josh Klinghoffer looks a lot like John Frusciante, and plays guitar just as well as he did when has was with the Peppers. Dude has chops!


5) It could be a family affair.

Anthony brought his son on stage in Italy last night. He's only 9 and rocked the place! They tag teamed vocal duties on "Dreams Of A Samurai"

Yeah, seeing them in Texas is going to be pretty cool!

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