If you haven't heard the news, it's going to feel like a toasty July weekend...this weekend. And while there are many fun things to do outside, like hiking, swimming, sports, or whatever; fewer things are more satisfying than sitting on a patio while drinking a cold brew on a hot day. That's what I plan on doing. So here are my picks for some great outdoor patios in Rochester to get your beer drinkin' on:

1. Porch & Cellar

Technically, you would be drinking on Porch. But they have great cocktails, a solid beer selection, and more importantly, fried chicken and other Southern comfort food. Bonus points if you dress in a seersucker suit and talk to your server in a Foghorn Leghorn accent.

2. Taphouse

If drinking on a downtown rooftop is more of your thing, then Taphouse is always a great choice. They have, I believe, around 5 gazillion beers on their menu, so you certainly have options, my friend.

3. Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill

Sitting outside eatin' some burgs and drinkin' some brews? That's America, baby!

4. Hefe Rojo

There's nothing wrong with kicking back with a custom margarita while eating something spicy.

5. Whistle Binkies On The Lake

This is another personal favorite for drinking outside or inside. This weekend is going to be awesome.


No matter where you decide to go, enjoy what should be an amazing weekend!

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