I’ve been living in Rochester for over six months now, and I have yet to be punched in the face. I'd like to think that overall, the Med City is a good place to live when it comes to not getting punched in the face. Or is it?

I'm not saying that you will get punched in the face at these places in Rochester. I'm just saying that it could happen - and note, we have no evidence that it has happened. Please don't sue me. Or punch me in the face.

  1. Toys ‘R’ Us
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It’s hard to believe, but Black Friday is less than a month away. And that means you can expect to see rabid parents frantically trying to get their hands on whatever the hot new toy is this year…through any means necessary. Out of all the places in town where you could bear witness to a Mom Fight this year, Toys 'R' Us is my pick. For now.

  1. Costco Between 5PM & 6PM
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I’d much rather attempt to survive a zombie apocalypse, but if you’re brave enough to shop at Costco when half of Rochester is there, all the luck to you!

  1. Rochester Packers Bars
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I’m definitely not trying to incite violence (or even saying that it has ever happened at either of these places), but the website Packers Everywhere lists both Brothers Bar & Grill and Thirsty Belgian as “Packer Bars.” If you’re a Vikings fan, you probably don’t want to go to either bar and loudly crack an Aaron Rodgers collarbone joke is all I’m saying. Too soon.

  1. The Denny’s Parking Lot at 3:27AM
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I don’t have any solid rationale for including the Denny’s parking lot on this list. Sometimes there are places that just feel like you could get punched in the face there, you know? If a buddy sent me a text at 3:27 in the morning to see if I felt like randomly grabbing a Lumberjack Slam®, my response would be "No, I don't want someone to punch me in the face in the parking lot."

  1. Literally Any Bar In Town, Probably
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Not many people know this, but alcohol is said to occasionally cause people to make bad decisions (Source Needed). How much do you want to bet that pretty much any place in town that serves alcohol has had at least one face-punching incident? It's still worth the risk, though. Beer is pretty awesome, after all.

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