For the week of July 17th, 2017 - we got a TON of new rock. We even scored a single from a legend that we didn't know was coming.

Val hosts the "newner" to premiere new music every weekday at noon on Z-ROCK 107.7, and we're recapping the results of what was played this week. Did you miss any of these tunes?


  • 1

    Stone Horses - "Reckless Ways"

    Clearly influenced by Led Zeppelin, alt rockers Stone Horses (from D.C.) tore up the week with "Reckless Ways".

    Hell, if you see their photos, you could easily think they look like they should've been in Zep.

  • 2

    Kid Rock - "Greatest Show On Earth"

    "Greatest Show On Earth" is probably the heaviest tune we've heard from Kid Rock in a while. I applaud this move!

    Maybe he'll released more new music like this... if he's not too busy running for senator in Michigan, that is...

  • 3

    Arkells - "Knocking At The Door"

    Thanks for the Twitter love for this, Arkells! These Canadians prove they rock witht their latest single, "Knocking At The Door".

  • 4

    Prophets of Rage - Living On The 110

    You could almost call it a love letter to Los Angeles, but it's way more insightful than that.

    Prophets Of Rage continued to reclaim their stance as a very politically opinionated band with "Living On The 110" this week.

  • 5

    Starset - "Satellite"

    I'm really looking forward to what Starset has in store for us next, but I'm plenty happy with "Satellite" too.

    Are you guys into this new one too?

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