Let's face it, sometimes when a band does beer it just isn't good... but these definitely don't suck.

Let's review five of the best beers made by our favorite rockstars.


1. Clutch - Lips Of Faith


You'll want to keep this beer on your lips for as long as possible. It's a very dark brew, chocolate and black malts are used for a rich and toasty overtone. I even taste a bit of cherry when I drink it, but maybe that's just me.

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2. Iron Maiden - Trooper

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I'm a fan of anything pale ale, so this is a treat for me! Obviously, they themed it around their music which adds some punch to it too! 5 million pints have been sold so far, so you know it's good.


3. Pearl Jam - Faithful 


Looking for something fruity? You found it! Pearl Jam and Dogfishhead got together to create this in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of Ten.

4. Enslaved - Nordvegen


5. Mastodon - The Hunter


...because I like Mastodon, duh. Get more here.

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