If you've worked in the fast food industry at any point in your life, you probably have some opinions when it comes to certain menu items. Because you know how they're actually made, after all!

Business Insider recently interviewed former McDonald's crew members (including some in Minnesota) about the items they'd never order. I'm gonna have to keep these in mind the next time I hit up the golden arches:

1. The Filet-O-Fish sandwich

I've never even ordered it before, but I know McDonald's fish sandwich has its fans. Many crew members surveyed aren't fans, describing the sandwich as 'generally gross' while assuming older people like it 'because it's easier for them to chew.' Ew.

2. Salads

Thankfully this doesn't affect me, because if I'm going to McDonald's, it's definitely not for a salad. But one crew member from Minnesota recommends avoiding the green items altogether. Why is that? Because the caloric count "is astronomical." For example, the Southwest buttermilk crispy chicken salad is 520 calories - just 20 calories less than the Bic Mac. Geez. Moral of the story? If I'm going to eat something that isn't good for me, I'm not going to waste it on a freakin' salad,  thank you very much.

3. Grilled Chicken sandwiches

Grilled chicken is a healthy option, right? Apparently not at McDonald's! Two crew members say they're not as healthy as you'd think due to being 'slathered in margarine.'

4. Anything new on the menu

A former GM recommended avoiding the 'new menu items' and sticking 'to the basics' instead. No other explanation was given, which makes me slightly suspicious!

If you've worked in the fast food industry, are there any menu items you avoid at all cost? Feel free to sound off in the comments!

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