You know how people visiting Hawaii get a necklace of flowers when they get off of a plane?  Well, if Minnesota started giving its visitors that fly into MSP a gift, what should that treasured item of thanks be?  I asked that question and so far have received over 600 responses to that little question.  Some of the responses are really funny...and honestly, pretty accurate.  Look through the list below and see how many you would give a thumbs up to.

List of 30 gifts the state of Minnesota should give to visitors when they walk off the plane at MSP.

You know how Hawaii hands out the necklace of flowers to people as they get off the plane? It's time that Minnesota show some of that nice to those who are visiting our state. Check out the list of amazing ideas that Minnesotans sent in as great gift ideas.

FYI...not everyone showcased their best "Minnesota Nice" as they were commenting.

Not everyone was showcasing their Minnesota Nice as they were commenting on our Facebook page.  If that was a better human.  I did weed out a lot of the super nasty and hate-filled comments but you can see a few of the others that are worthy of your 👍 below.

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