Positive COVID cases were reported the first week at 17 Schools within Rochester Public Schools 

The first week of school for kids at Rochester Public Schools is officially over!  I've got 2 kids in the district and I sent my kiddos off last week with a bit of hesitancy because we are still in the middle of this pandemic and I'm their mom so obviously I worry about their safety.  Honestly, mine as well.  My lungs are not 100% and I've struggled with pneumonia and bronchitis for many years and COVID could potentially send me to the ER.  My kids were ready though to learn, see their friends, finally play in the band, and off they went after that traditional first-day-of-school photo.

Later that afternoon on the first day, an e-mail was sitting in my inbox that a positive COVID case was in one of the classrooms at Century High School.

Jessica Williams

There are tons of safety protocols in place to help keep students and staff safe while we are living in the midst of this pandemic and I truly am thankful for all who are working hard on making sure school functions the best it possibly can with all the new guidelines.  The reality is though that we ARE in the middle of a pandemic and checking for COVID symptoms, keeping our distance, and wearing masks are still part of our kids' lives as they navigate school and positive COVID cases are happening in our schools.  In fact, 17 schools in Rochester reported cases in the first week.

Rochester Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard is being updated once again

If you are a parent with kids at Rochester Public Schools, you may want to bookmark the COVID-19 Dashboard for Rochester Public Schools.  This site is being updated weekly and is basically a snapshot of how many cases the schools are experiencing.  Here's a rundown of where things are out after the first week of school:


All of the above were on the dashboard last year.  Something new that has been added is the stat below that includes the percentage of new positive cases that were among individuals who were not vaccinated.


According to the dashboard, the following schools reported new COVID cases the first week of school.  Also included in the list is Operations/Transportation.


See the full report and the archive from the school year here.

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Do you have a plan at your house if your child is exposed to COVID?

I know when that phone call comes, it will disrupt everything in my life for a bit but keeping everyone as safe as possible at home is essential.  We currently don't have a "set" plan but the recommendation is to have anyone exposed use one bathroom in a house and stay quarantined from everyone else.  This will be very challenging at my house but we will do the best we can.  If it happens though, I'll be back to working from home...and that was such a joy the first time (NOT), I took photos.  Relive my nightmare of trying to do a radio show from my closet with the amazing (lack of shower and makeup) selfies below.

What it is Really Like to Work from Home with Kids