Check out this list of the 12 best apple orchards in Southeast Minnesota!

I wish I could just bottle up fall in Minnesota because it truly is my favorite time of the year.  I love the start of this season, wearing Buffalo plaid, the cooler days, and all the things that come with it.  Yes, even the pumpkin spiced list of goodies, which seems to be growing each year.  One of my treasured moments though is walking through an apple orchard and filling up a bag of apples to take home and enjoy.

If you are ready to go pick a few apples and taste some of those fall favorites, check out the list below of 12 places in Southeast Minnesota that are perfect for apple hunting!

List of the Best Apple Orchards in Southeast Minnesota!

It's apple-picking season and the orchards are ready for all of their guests to come and pick a bag of apples. If you are looking for an orchard nearby, check out the list below to see some of the best orchards in Southeast Minnesota.

If you are up for a drive, this apple orchard in Iowa is one you MUST visit...because it truly is THE BEST!

I make sure I take at least one trip to Fort Dodge, Iowa every fall because the absolute best apple orchard is located just North of the town.  I am a little biased because this is my hometown but to be honest, their place is one that you will love.  The Community Orchard has a petting zoo, apples that you can pick, hayrides, an amazing store that all women love, a cafe, store, and a huge play area called The Back 40.  Learn more on their website here but here's a glimpse at why I love this place so much.

Jessica Williams

Take your shoes off and just start jumping!  The giant jumping pillow is so much fun and I dare you to get on and NOT start laughing.

Jessica Williams

The Back 30 Playground features the giant jumping pillow, a petting zoo, rides, an area to buy snacks, and so much more fun for kids and families.

Jessica Williams
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What's your favorite place to visit in the fall in Southeast Minnesota?

FYI, not sure if you know this but in a few months, it is going to be so cold in Minnesota that our nose hairs are going to freeze again.  Before those temps set in, be sure to do the 30 things below...because it won't be much fun after Minnesota is frozen.

But, I'd love to hear about your favorite places!  Let me know by sending me a message to my Facebook Page - Jessica On The Radio or via e-mail to

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