I might be a "newbie" still, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of life in Rochester.

photo by Jerry Brownell
photo by Jerry Brownell

If you don't know already, I'm Val. Hi. I moved to Rochester in July of 2016 (yep - for the job), and have honestly enjoyed living here since!

I'm finding it funny that Rochester has quirks that are truly it's own, so I decided to put a list of eleven things only people from Rochester know. Feel free to correct me, or add to this list! Here's what I came up with...

  • The term "honkers" can mean one of two things. You could be talking about our baseball team or those territorial Canadian invaders on Silver Lake.
  • We double our chains. Interested in going to Walmart, Shopko or Target? You'll need to identify if you're trying to go to the "north" or "south" location. There's seriously a "north" or "south" version of everything.
  • That snowstorm in May. Yep, it snowed in MAY. Remember May 2nd, 2013? 18 inches of soggy/wet pieces of nasty that had no business being on the ground in May.
  • The biggest party of the summer. It's Rochesterfest, duh.
  • Mr. Pizza South is not to be messed with. Sure, we love BOTH Mr. Pizza locations in Rochester but don't hate on the original south one.
  • The best Minnesota Viking is Marcus Sherels. He's a hometown boy, and we love him!
  • Those food trucks tho. Take your pick! We've got em' spread around town. Twisted Barrel, Old Abe, etc.
  • Crowmaggedon. Every fall. Enjoy the horror move-esque sight early morning, and cover your head!
  • Shakey's Pizza. RIP.
  • Galleria Cinemas. Gone too soon. It was a great family theatre!
  • Cruising Broadway for fun. We did it as kids!

How'd I do? Am I missing any other essential Rochester quirk or memory?

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