It just might be! I found this combination tasty.

I've gotta admit something you guys... this week my apartment suffered from what we all do at times - a serious lack of groceries. The only reason this happened was because we just haven't gotten our behinds to the store yet. You've been there, right?

When I thought about what I wanted for breakfast today (and noticed I was out of chocolate chip Eggos, finally), I knew it was slim pickins'. So, I decided to solve my problem by going out for breakfast. Where did I go, you ask?

TSM Rochester

That's right! The brand new Caribou Coffee & Einstein Bagels just off North Broadway in NW Rochester. I went inside just before 8 this morning, and was amazed for a few reasons.

First, there was zero wait time. My bagels (and milk! yeah, I'm actually a 5-year-old) were toasted quickly and I was in and out the door before a line even had the time to gather. Trust me, the cars were beginning to line up and so did the foot traffic, but that didn't seem to matter. The staff was super nice and focused on the orders coming in.

Second, it was so nice inside that I kept my eyes peeled for Chip and Joanna Gaines hiding in a corner somewhere.

Back to my order. It wasn't exactly a complicated one. I just wanted some plain bagels and milk. That's all. That's exactly what I received, too!

TSM Rochester

And with that, I was on my way to work with a full stomach.

I know this is a new location, so I'm not sure how many of you have been here yet. But I've gotta ask, is this the best breakfast spot in Rochester? Where else do I need to know the next time I run out of groceries?