U.S. Bank Stadium

Could U.S Bank Stadium Lower Concession Prices?
If you have been to U.S Bank Stadium or Target Field, you have noticed that their concession prices are expensive. To take the family to a ball game, it could cost a couple hundred dollars. Why wouldn't stadiums lower prices?
Sam Bradford Used Shaun Hill As GPS To Get To U.S. Bank Stadium
The first day of school, or the first day on a new job, can be terrifying. We want to make the best impression possible, and definitely try not to be late. Thankfully, when Sam Bradford made his way to Minnesota, he had some help navigating the new position and stadium, literally...
EA Sports Reps For ‘Madden’ Tour U.S. Bank Stadium
They just couldn't help it. After Metallica christened U.S. Bank Stadium last month, reps from EA Sports paid a visit to the new addition, to see if any details should be added to Madden.
If you play, you know this is a huge honor! According to the Minnesota Vikings website, "A pair of represent…