Chuck Berry – Dead at 90
Chuck Berry's influence was so immense, reminiscent of the epitaph for Sir Christopher Wren: "If you seek my monument, look around you."
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Alan Thicke, ‘Growing Pains’ Star, Dies at 69
As 2016 seems to be an unendingly cruel mistress, another beloved TV parent has left us behind. Alan Thicke, actor behind Growing Pains patriarch Jason Seaver has passed away at age 69. The acclaimed sitcom star had only days earlier made a surprise cameo in the second season of Netflix’s Ful…
One Year Ago – Remembering Scott Weiland
One year ago (Dec 3rd) we lost one of the most dynamic & enigmatic front-men of the 90's 'grunge' era. He was inspirational on stage, a train wreck off-stage, but admired & loved by fellow artists and fans alike. Always a target for the media.

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