What's going on?

Now is the time to 'nail-down' your home improvement projects for 2018, and MORE!
Who Blew You Away in 2017?
Whatever, or whoever turned you on, or blew you away musically please post some, or all of those event/s on the Z-Rock Facebook Page and lets build a HUGE list!
Saturday night it brighter and larger in appearance because it's actually closer to planet earth. #SuperMoon #FrostMoon
Here's what I did first thing on (Black) Friday morning.
Green Light A Vet Today!
Green Light A Vet 2017 is an ongoing campaign to establish visible national support for our veterans by changing one light to green.
Remembering Scott Weiland
Share a special story, a concert memory, or your favorite song & video at the Z-Rock Facebook page
Lets face it. To some, the Border Battle is most important game/s of the year!
Check Out The PHOTOS
What was your favorite part of the Tues. evening spectacle at Mayo Civic Auditorium?
Halestorm's 'Joe Storm'
Joe agreed to a photo, and then continued on his way down the long concourse. Just a helluva nice guy overall. I swear, I was a lucky SOB that day!
SOUND-OFF on Facebook!
History pretty much shows that everything Dave Grohl touches turns to gold, or platinum.
Isn't this getting a bit old? This time a VERY BUSY stretch of 18th Ave NW in Rochester
is going to be tore-up for awhile.
Sept. Looking Good!
As the summer concert season winds-down, keep in mind that September is looking pretty damn good right here in Rochester!
GnR Pay Tribute!
GnR had the balls to do a couple of unlikely 'covers' at recent stops on their Not In This Lifetime Tour. WATCH THE VIDEOS
Minnesota Well Represented!
NOBODY traveled better than Minnesotan's for the Great American Eclipse on Monday, August 21st 2017.