My ears are still ringing, and I feel like a Mack truck hit me this morning. Thank you, Wicked Moose!

Did you guys go to the show last night, too? We TORE THE LID OFF THE PLACE! First, I'll say congratulations to all of us for giving the Wicked Moose the proper send off it deserved. The place was packed! This was the best way to unwind on a Wednesday night in Rochester. Everyone was ready to chill.

It was so awesome to meet a lot of you in person, too! Always dig putting faces to names seen on Facebook!

Did you miss the show? Here's five things that happened that you need to know about.

1. We were treated to the ultimate eargasm of local Minnesota talent.

TSM Rochester

Strange Forest, The 9th Planet Out (What's up Josh and Clay! Great to meet you!) and After Time showed us Minnesota knows how to rock! I mean, duh. Keeping it real, this was the first time I saw symphonic metalheads After Time, and I wasn't disappointed!

I'm now in love with Sarah Wolf's voice!

2. "California" became "Minnesota."

TSM Rochester

Because Year Of The Locust said so.


TSM Rochester

Holy hell these guys were tight! And I'm not talking about Hugo's skinny jeans. They put on an awesome medley of hits!

4. Kentucky and Minnesota have something in common.

We don't like nosy people who talk a bunch of nonsense.

5. Saving FREAKING Abel.

Credit: Dallas Humphrey

Do I need to say more? They performed all the tunes we expected them to, and we weren't let down. Thanks for the photo, Dallas!

As someone who only moved to Rochester in August, I had yet to see local metalheads band together like this and it was awesome. Great show guys! Hope to see all of you again soon!

Check out the full photo gallery below and a video interview with Brandon Sampson! Cheers! \m/