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Wisconsin dept. of transportation
Wisconsin dept. of transportation

This photo was posted on Twitter by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation with a message that said, "Folks, don’t try this at home. Our State Patrol friends stopped this vehicle Sunday on US 63 in Polk County because this isn’t a safe way to transport a snowmobile. If you’re transporting equipment this winter, you are advised to safely haul it secured on a trailer or in a truck."

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Several people on Twitter immediately pointed out that the car has Minnesota license plates, but the driver is in fact from Wisconsin, so go ahead and make your jokes.

The Star Tribune identified the man as Matthew R. Schmit who bought the car in the Twin Cities but hasn't yet transferred the title. The Wisconsin State Patrol says Schmit was cited for not wearing a seat-belt, but only received a warning for the snowmobile on top of his car.

This isn't the first time someone has tried to transport their snowmobile this way either. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal wrote about Tommy Mecher from Illinois back in January. Mecher told the newspaper it was a "superior" way to transport his sled.

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