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A Milwaukee, Wisconsin, bakery gets sweet revenge on a robber...with their sugar cookies.

...come take a bite out of the thief, while supplies last..."


It's called the Canfora Bakery , and April 19th, it was robbed The thief stole cash and equipment. Fortunately, the bakery owners found a great way to get sweet revenge. Instant Cookie Karma, you might say.

In looking at the security camera footage, they found a pretty decent shot of the robber, so they baked a ton of sugar cookies with the robbers image on them. On the bakery's Facebook page, they asked the down to "come take a bite out of the thief, while supplies last..."

People stopped by, people ate the cookies, and yes, someone took a bite out of crime when they took a bite out of the cookie. They identified the thief and the police are on it.

On comment read,

"I've heard of wanted pictures put on pizza boxes, but I've never heard of a perp's picture being put on baked goods. Very creative in that aspect. You could even share the idea with Milwaukee Foodie I bet other bakeries would join up with perp shaming..."

No word from the Milwaukee PD as to catching the guy. IF they need some help, I'd say hope the cookies acted like voodoo dolls and just look for the guy with a ton of bite marks.

Completely Unnecessary Paragraph

I'm trying to get into the head of this robber...he really took a whisk robbing a sweet place like that, but I suppose he kneaded the dough. If he'd taken deserts, he'd be a pie-rate. One person thought the robber might be Matthew McConaughey, but the baker said, no, Matthew would only steal one kind of break. All rye, all rye, all rye

I don't know if the Wisconsin bakery makes these kinda cupcakes, but wouldn't they taste great right now? (Arx0nt)

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