I know I'm not the only coffee addict in Rochester, Minnesota so if that is also you, first, let's be BFF"s on Facebook (find me here).  Second, I've got some good news and then some bad news about one of our favorite coffee shops in Rochester.

The Good News

We have LOTS of coffee shops in town.  Some might say a few too many, especially in a few areas of town.  (Yes, West Circle Drive and North Broadway, I'm talking about you.).

If you haven't heard, a bunch of coffee shops have opened recently including these:

Photo Courtesy of Caribou Coffee
Carly Ross, Townsquare Media
Credit: Due North Coffee Co.
Credit: Google
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And now...the bad news.

We all know that every business in Rochester seems to need employees.  Well, baristas are also on that list.  Unfortunately, the need is so great that one of Rochester's top coffee shops is needing to cut their hours.  Before you drive over to Moka to grab that cup of coffee, you might want to check the time first because my sources have told me that new hours have started for the following:

Credit: Google
  • Moka on 12th Street - now closing at 6 pm due to a lack of staff.  They used to be open until 8 pm.
  • Moka on North Broadway - now closing at 2 pm each day.  The reason is staffing but also because of the construction happening on North Broadway.  You can get to Moka through some side streets but if you are on the wrong side of Broadway, that adventure is seriously a good 5 to 8 minutes to get to the other side, depending on where you are at.

ICYMI, Panera is also closed due to a lack of staff.

Just last week, I shared the unfortunate news that another popular spot had to close temporarily due to a lack of staff.  ICYMI, the North Panera restaurant in Rochester is the spot and to be honest, is another place where I grab coffee.

I think I speak on behalf of all coffee lovers...if you need a job, PLEASE go apply at Moka or Panera.

Do you know another spot that is hiring?  Let me know and I'll help spread the word!  You can find me easily on Facebook - Jessica On The Radio - over on Instagram, or you can e-mail me at jessica.williams@townsquaremedia.com.

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