Teen Survives Fall Through Ice and Getting Trapped Underwater for 15 Minutes [Video]
Last month, 14-year-old John Smith was walking across frozen Lake St. Louis with some friends in Lake St. Louis, Mo., near St. Louis when he fell through the ice. He was underwater for 15 minutes before rescuers got to him, KDSK-TV reported. When emergency medical responders got him to St. Joseph Hospital West, the eighth-grader wasn't breathing and didn't have a pulse. His body temperature was
911 Operator Tells Caller to ‘Stop Whining’ [Video]
This is a terrible development in an already tragic story for a family traveling on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in Maryland and stopping to change a flat tire late Sunday night. The father, Rick Warren, was fatally struck by a passing car just as he was finishing up the tire swap. His fiancee was also hit, but survived, NBC 4 Washington reported. The teen-aged daughter frantically called 91
Dramatic Ending for Sydney Hostage Situation [Video]
The hostage situation in Sydney finally came to an end Monday after about 16 hours. Police stormed Lindt Chocolate Cafe at Martin Place when they heard a gun go off, and then the hostages ran out. Three people were killed, including the gunman, and some were injured, Sydney's Seven News reported. However, 15 out of the 17 hostages made it out alive, The Sydney Morning Herald reported.

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