Kirk Hammett Gets Pied By Bandmates On His Birthday [PHOTOS]
Pie-ing bandmates for birthdays is good for your spirits! Happy Birthday Mr Hammett!!!!
— Metallica (@Metallica) November 18, 2016
It's a Metallica tradition, and we're more than happy to see it live on...
Rob Trujillo Got Pied For His Birthday And It Was Awesome
As if getting pied wasn't enough, imagine being pied by Neil Young on your birthday! That's exactly what happened to now 52-year-old Rob Trujillo of Metallica.
On Sunday, Metallica played a special show. An acoustic one with Neil Young in Mountain View, California for his annual Bridge Scho…
Why Did Ozzy Surprise Sharon On 'The Talk'?
Ozzy Osbourne must be trying super hard to get out of the doghouse, and, as a woman, I'll just say this was a good way to go about doing that! Who knows, this could've been promotion for everything that the Osbourne family has going on right now too...
Dave Mustaine Invites You To His Birthday, With Beer
You know him... he's the guy from Twitter!
I may or may not have spammed his account a few times already; asking about Nick Menza, and what it's like to work with Chris Adler of Lamb of God.
All kidding aside, he's putting together a pretty sweet birthday bash that you'll want to a…