Yes, this really happened. A local Canadian news broadcast hilariously mistook a now iconic photo of Axl Rose and actor Mickey Rourke as a married couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.

The pic first surfaced online earlier this month in a tweet from Newsmax host John Cardillo.

A segment on a local news broadcast celebrates birthdays and wedding anniversaries of individuals from the community. (A redditor claims the station is hosted by NTV in Newfoundland, Canada.) Apparently a prankster submitted the photo with the names Max and Geraldine Bailey, and it flew right under the station's radar. You can watch as the photo appears on the broadcast via a Twitter video below.

To the best of our knowledge, the news outlet has yet to address the mixup.

In other Axl news, Guns N' Roses recent concert in Abu Dhabi was cut short after Rose fell "severely ill." A few days later he tweeted, "Wanna thank All the fans, the band n’ every1 4 their concern n’ well wishes! In Johannesburg w/plenty of time 2 b ready 4 the show! This flu or whatever is a wild ride! Comes in waves. Ur ok till ur not!"

He added, "Felt lame explainin’ myself earlier on at the gig but really didn’t know how things would play out n’ we really wanted to do r best 4 the fans. Was a GREAT crowd, awesome venue, cool stage (w/a gentle breeze in the desert!)"

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