The Nakedness Situation just keeps on delivering amazing stories during the Coronavirus crisis.

This one is out of New Jersey. According to The Citizen's Voice,

A New Jersey man broke into an Old Forge funeral home Saturday night, stripped naked and left a cold beer in a display casket. Ethan Palazzo is charged with burglary, criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

Basically, Ethan kicked open the door of the funeral home, went inside, stripped naked, rifled thru a closet with morgue chemicals (tho it doesn't look like he took anything). Maybe he was looking for something to mix with drugs? He also left a can of Natty Lite in a casket.

Anyway, when police got there, he was wearing only his birthday suit, smelled like booze, and said he didn't know why he broke in...but he wanted to talk to his girlfriend. It wasn't clear if he thought she passed away or if she was just down the street and he wanted to have a chat with her.

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