HERMANTOWN -- You spend a day out on the trails biking and you want to freshen up before you have a beer with your buddies, what do you do? One option is to grab a Crud Cloth.

It's a product created by Hermantown's Tim White about two years ago, but he says it has seen huge growth this past year with more people spending time outside.

Image courtesy of Crud Cloth
Image courtesy of Crud Cloth

He says he's an avid mountain biker and camper and needed a way to get clean after a muddy ride out on the trails.

Just decided that there has to be a better way than just using baby wipes, so I reverse engineered the best part of a shower and that's having a soapy washcloth with you.  That's really what Crud Cloth is, it's a washcloth that's instantly available to be a shower for you when you need it.

He says it's also becoming popular in ways even he hadn't thought of.

Animal lovers love them for their pets.  We've got people in the trades using them, one of our best customers is a welder and he's using them to clean-up and he gives them to all of his crew so after a job, they can freshen up before getting back in the vehicle.  We've had charities too that realize that the homeless population they serve could really use this as well.

White says the Crud Cloth comes in a bag with a pod of soapy water and a washcloth which you activate much like an ice pack. You only use it as an instant shower once, but the rag can be used over and over again as a regular washcloth.

The Crud Cloth costs $4 each or buy five for $16.

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