When might we see a new Dream Theater album? The band entered the studio in January, but according to John Petrucci and James LaBrie it's more than likely going to be 2016 before there's a new disc.

Speaking with ARTE at the Wacken Open Air Festival (in the video above), the Dream Theater members spoke about their progress on the new music and gave a tentative timeline for the album.

Petrucci offered, "We've been in the studio since January. In fact, this tour has broken up our time in the studio. In fact, we're doing some work here on the road as well. We're very busy in hotel rooms, [doing] some last-minute writing and getting some things done. But, yeah, we've been in the studio since January. It's going great. We'll be wrapping up probably in the fall and it'll come out early next year."

Dream Theater are now three decades into their musical career and LaBrie added, "It's pretty amazing to be in the kind of industry that we are and to say that we've been around for thirty years and we're still relevant today. You know, the fact is that we still feel that we're evolving as a band. We're continuing to grow musically, and we see that our audience and our fan base is continually being cultivated. So, just to be in a situation as that says so much. It's so much to be grateful for."

As stated, touring has broken up the band's recording schedule, but their current European trek wraps up today (Aug. 2) in Helsinki, Finland and no other dates are currently scheduled for the band.

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