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With some local 'Big Box' stores getting out of CD's all together, you might as well get yours, and get right with the NEW Stone Temple Pilots!
Who Blew You Away in 2017?
Whatever, or whoever turned you on, or blew you away musically please post some, or all of those event/s on the Z-Rock Facebook Page and lets build a HUGE list!
Check Out The PHOTOS
What was your favorite part of the Tues. evening spectacle? Lzzy's searing vocals? Her 'hotness' overall? Arejay's bombastic drum solo? A meet & greet opportunity? Tell us on Facebook!
Halestorm's 'Joe Storm'
We chatted for several minutes about his youthful days growing up in Hartford, WI , while taking his guitar lessons at local Hartford guitar store.
SOUND-OFF on Facebook!
Present are many of same markers that dot the Foo Fighters landscape, like break-neck STOPS & STARTS, searing vocals & riff-based song structure.
Sept. Looking Good!
As the summer concert season winds-down, keep in mind that September is looking pretty damn good right here in Rochester!
GnR Pay Tribute!
GnR had the balls to do a couple of unlikely 'covers' at recent stops on their Not In This Lifetime Tour. WATCH THE VIDEOS
Do You Know Where You Are?
US Bank Stadium, MINNEAPOLIS, July 30th 2017 Venue Address: 401 Chicago Ave, Minneapolis, MN 07:00 PM - Guns N' Roses: Not In This Lifetime Tour Details: Guns N' Roses, Deftones
Chester's Night At The Myth
Some of you were there. Some of you heard about it from your friends & family members in attendance. Hell, I talked about it for weeks on The Rock Of Rochester and Z-Rock airwaves. Today, lets just reminisce, shall we?

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