I know we were all supposed to get our supplies for the big Thanksgiving Day meal ahead of time due to news that there were some shortages at Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin stores BUT, just in case you haven't made it to the store...WAIT!  There are 10 Thanksgiving meal items that you can get for free at Walmart thanks to Ibotta.

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10 Items That You Can Get For Free at Walmart for Thanksgiving

I was chatting with a few moms yesterday and I casually mentioned an app called Ibotta, thinking everyone knew about it.  Based on the confused looks and a few scowls that I got, I quickly learned that I should have told them this news a LONG time ago.  They are up to speed now and just in time too because the majority of items that are bought for Thanksgiving are pretty much free right now if you use the app.

Here's the low-down that I gave my friends - Ibotta is a huge money-saving app and last year they rolled out the "Free Thanksgiving Dinner" promotion and it was a HUGE success!  According to the story I read recently on USA Today, the founder and CEO of Ibotta, Bryan Leach, stated that "more than 3 million Americans" were fed last year because of this great deal.

Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams

Well, it's back and there are 10 items this year that you could get cash back on at Walmart if you are shopping in their store.

10 Thanksgiving Meal Items You Can Get for Free at Walmart

The big day of eating turkey, mashed potatoes, and lots and lots of pumpkin pie is getting close. Before you fill up your shopping cart, you might want to take a look at this way to score some free items for Thanksgiving. I know this might seem like a scam but it's not. I've been using an app called Ibotta for a year and there are a ton of great discounts happening there including the following 10 items that you can get at Walmart while supplies last. And when you are ready, just click here to learn more.

How does Ibotta work?

If you've never heard of Ibotta, let me fill you in real quick and show you how to score free Thanksgiving meal items right now:

  • Step 1:  Download the Ibotta app or get the extension for your browser.  You can find all the correct links for that here.
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams
  • Step 2:  Use the app or extension and earn cash back while you shop for items you buy each day.
  • Step 3: To get the 10 items for free from Walmart, follow the instructions listed to add items to "Your List".
  • Step 4:  You can shop in person at the Walmart stores and just use the Ibotta app.  Or, if you prefer to do Walmart Pickup & Deliver, use the browser extension while you place your order.
  • Step 5:  Enjoy some free groceries!
  • Step 6:  Share this with all of your friends...because who doesn't love to know how to score free stuff!

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Do you know of any other amazing ways to save cash while shopping?

The next few months we will be shopping quite a bit more than normal as we get ready for Christmas.  Is there something you use online or another money-saving app that you've found that works great?  I'd love to hear about it!  If you could take a moment and send me a message with your tip to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - I'd love it!

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