We can all agree that good game day grub at kick-off can make the game so much better, especially if your team is falling short of expectations.

killer kabobs - close-up

Ask either side, and both sides will agree that this is an important game on Sunday. If you're not going to game at US Bank Stadium, or not going out to a favorite watering-hole will you get your grub on' right at home prepared in your own kitchen? If the later is your choice this Sunday at noon, what are you making to 'get your grub on'?

ho-made bean & ham soup


Lets face it. To some, the Border Battle is most important game of the year! Some would argue that the day after a Border Battle game should be an automatic day off from work! (for various reasons)




double-loaded BBQ chicken breast nachos


With regards to the grub, I've got a couple ideas that I posted here
that I've tackled before, and one from a former Minnesotan now living
in Colorado. (3 Bean Chili featuring Beaver Dam Peppers & corn bread)

photo: Drew Ti - 3 Bean Chili featuring beaver Dam Peppers & w/ ho-made corn bread


Feel free to post a photo of your creation, or POST your favorite game day grub at the Z-Rock Facebook Page.

I'm in a rut and need some new ideas, so please help!

'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends

Bacon wrapped Beaver Dam Pepper Poppers stuffed w/ shredded crab meat, cream cheese, shredded cheese & garlic & black pepper