I captured this unusual aerial display this morning from NW Rochester, Minnesota looking southeast. Sky DNA?

Very often photography for me is nothing more than a little bit of luck and timing. For a self-proclaimed weather nerd like me, that was the case this morning looking to the SE sky from a vantage point in NW Rochester. It caught my eye immediately!

I first thought 'ribbons in the sky'; jet contrails being sculpted by upper layer winds. Then a friend on Facebook (Zach Brown.......no, not that Zac Brown) responded to the same photo's I had posted on my own Facebook page with his comment, "Sky DNA". Perfect!

photo: 'Train Wreck' (self-proclaimed weather nerd)

Now, back to regularly scheduled blogging. While you're gazing at these amazing photo's feel free to listen to my favorite Zac Brown offering, with Chris Cornell of Soundgarden.

Thanks for looking, and listening! -'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends (aka: weather nerd)

Zac Brown Band - Heavy Is the Head (Live on SNL) ft. Chris Cornell

photo: 'Train Wreck' (self-proclaimed weather nerd)