What's going on?

Beer Dabbler This Weekend
If you love sampling beers (over 500 available) from all across the country, this looks like a pretty sweet event.
Skiing Around Southern MN
If you're feeling like an Olympian, here are some spots around Southern Minnesota (or within driving distance) you could try.
Parking Lot Rant
It doesn’t matter of you’re going to ALDI. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting up the Outback Steakhouse or Chipotle. And it definitely doesn’t matter if you’re trying to leave the parking lot towards the…
Skijoring In Minnesota
If you haven't heard of the amazing sport known as Extreme Horse Skijoring, you are in for a TREAT. It's coming to Canterbury Park this weekend.
One Of America's Best Sandwich Shops Now In MN
For years, I've been raving like a lunatic about this place. It is now FINALLY in Minnesota. If you love sub sandwiches, you NEED to check this place out in their new location in the Twin Cities.
Curling Coming To Rochester
Curling is one sport that I’ve always thought looks pretty fun, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try it out.

Punch, Photo, Or Drink?
Imagine you’re out at a random bar or restaurant in Minnesota when someone famous catches your eye. That’s when it’s time to play a game of Get 'Em Thrown Out, Ask For A Photo, or Buy 'Em A Drink!
Hate Group Meetup In Rochester?
A techie just created a new online mapping tool that helps track the physical location of people who are organizing Neo-Nazis meetups. I found one in Rochester.
Prince Hologram?
The NFL and Justin Timberlake have been facing a backlash about a rumored Prince hologram showing up during the Super Bowl Halftime Show.
Minnesota Super Bowl Drinking Game
Since the announcers are guaranteed to play into Minnesota stereotypes, we might as well have some fun with it! Please drink responsibly.
Minnesota's XFL Team?
Let’s go ahead and come up with the most XTREME names for Minnesota’s future XFL team. This is definitely happening.