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Why Dockless Bike Sharing Should Come To Rochester
It looks like Golden Valley is going to be the first city in Minnesota to try out a newer trend called “dockless bike sharing” through a company called LimeBike, and it's an awesome idea for the Med City.
Bring KegFit To Rochester
KegFit is a new kind of workout that involves both lifting and drinking beer. Why is this not in Rochester YESTERDAY?
Best Craft Brew Bar In MN?
Forbes ranked the nation's best craft brewery bars state by state, and their choice for Minnesota surprised me.
Passive Aggressive Notes At The Office
I decided to be evil and write five fake passive aggressive notes and scatter them throughout the office. I tried to put them in places that would create maximum anger.
Cheaper Uber?
Available in 8 U.S. cities, it's 75% cheaper than a regular ride - if you don't mind walking a bit.
Beer Dabbler This Weekend
If you love sampling beers (over 500 available) from all across the country, this looks like a pretty sweet event.
Skiing Around Southern MN
If you're feeling like an Olympian, here are some spots around Southern Minnesota (or within driving distance) you could try.
Parking Lot Rant
It doesn’t matter of you’re going to ALDI. It doesn’t matter if you’re hitting up the Outback Steakhouse or Chipotle. And it definitely doesn’t matter if you’re trying to leave the parking lot towards the…
Skijoring In Minnesota
If you haven't heard of the amazing sport known as Extreme Horse Skijoring, you are in for a TREAT. It's coming to Canterbury Park this weekend.