What's going on?

One Of America's Best Sandwich Shops Now In MN
For years, I've been raving like a lunatic about this place. It is now FINALLY in Minnesota. If you love sub sandwiches, you NEED to check this place out in their new location in the Twin Cities.
Curling Coming To Rochester
Curling is one sport that I’ve always thought looks pretty fun, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try it out.

Punch, Photo, Or Drink?
Imagine you’re out at a random bar or restaurant in Minnesota when someone famous catches your eye. That’s when it’s time to play a game of Get 'Em Thrown Out, Ask For A Photo, or Buy 'Em A Drink!
Hate Group Meetup In Rochester?
A techie just created a new online mapping tool that helps track the physical location of people who are organizing Neo-Nazis meetups. I found one in Rochester.
Prince Hologram?
The NFL and Justin Timberlake have been facing a backlash about a rumored Prince hologram showing up during the Super Bowl Halftime Show.
Minnesota Super Bowl Drinking Game
Since the announcers are guaranteed to play into Minnesota stereotypes, we might as well have some fun with it! Please drink responsibly.
Minnesota's XFL Team?
Let’s go ahead and come up with the most XTREME names for Minnesota’s future XFL team. This is definitely happening.
Jury Duty Scam
There have been several complaints from people who are asked to make a payment for missing jury duty.
Delta's New Pet Rules
After receiving complaints about emotional support animals biting other passengers (and more), Delta Air has set some new guidelines.
5 Beer Myths Debunked
What you THINK you might know about your favorite beverage might not actually be true.
Are Your Steps Being Tracked?
Some businesses are collecting data by monitoring your steps throughout their store. Cool idea or CREEPY?