I say this partly in jest, and partly as serious as a heart attack..................
Rochester needs a pure 'Rock Club' like Reggie's on Chicago's near south side, PERIOD! ~~~ DMC? yeah......DESTINATION METAL CLUB!

This past Thursday I embarked on a whirlwind road trip to Chicago to see Joe Lynn Turner, former front man for Rainbow and Deep Purple, and one of thee iconic voices in the world of rock n roll. Included in his band were lead guitarist Angus Clark of Trans Siberian Orchestra fame, along with drumming newcomer Jason Hartless (Ted Nugent).

Photo: 'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends - TSM Rochester, MN - back alley @ Reggie's

As good as the show was to enjoy, so was the venue. Reggie's is at 2109 South State Street. Essentially, it is a 4 story brown stone brick building set at the base of elevated train tracks, and yes, every 30 minutes or so an 'El-Train' would come rumbling by. The back alley behind Reggie's had the appearance of a place you might want to traverse in a group.

The building had a lot contained within it. It had a great dive-bar aesthetic and feel to it, along with a fully stocked vintage record store on the 2nd floor. I rode the elevator to that 2nd floor & third floor a couple of times. Arriving a few hours before 'doors' allowed me to checkout the site thoroughly. The main bar room on the first floor was separate from the main performance room & main stage, but did have a secondary smaller stage included that would eventually be used later that evening.

Photo: 'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends - TSM Rochester, MN -- I mean c'mon...how do you not get excited about this place?

On the third floor was the rooftop watering hole, the 'Train Wreck' Rooftop Deck. The namesake was enough for me to investigate more for myself. When I visited, early 'Happy Hour' was already in progress. You had the occasional rumble of an 'El-Train' right outside the east windows, and on the south side access to the rooftop where I was able to snap some photo's and enjoy the view.

Throughout this building there was plenty of mural building artwork, like the actual train wreck art on the upper outside south exposure of the rooftop. Much more down at street-level, back alley, and within the bar room and main performance room as well.


QUESTION: Does Rochester, Minnesota need a REAL rock club like this? ANSWER: "It sure the hell does"!

Let's find an old brick building in Rochester, find a developer, and lets get this sh** DONE! If Rochester really wants to take itself seriously, it needs a balls-out ROCK CLUB to draw interest from many miles around. DMC? Yeah......DESTINATION METAL CLUB! \m/\m/

Train Wreck ~ Z-Rock Weekends

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Photo: 'Train Wreck' ~ Z-Rock Weekends - TSM Rochester, MN