Well, it's been 8 weeks since Aaron Rodgers said the "Packers can run the table"...and they have been. It's also been 8 weeks since I got my tattoo and they haven't lost. Coincidence? I think not. The tattoo (Thanks to Sacred Heart Studios) obviously has magical powers. It's not just the Packers the tattoo has been helping "run the table." Check out some of these testimonials from people that have touched the tattoo:

"After touching Jeff's Packer tattoo, I won $3 on a scratch off" - Scott M.


"Jeff's tattoo cleared up my STD kind of...but not really." - Emily R.


"Just touching the Packer tattoo made me pregnant...and I'm a dude." -  Jeremy P.


"Why on earth would you do something like that? IDIOT! - My Mom

So you see, the tattoo is not only very magical...it's really magical.

I've posted the picture below so you can create your own luck. Let me know how it goes and what the magic tattoo has done for you.

Please be careful what you wish for when touching the tattoo. If itching persists or your erection lasts longer than 4 hours, see a doctor immediately or go show it off at the mall.