This is as strange (and random) as it gets!

The Sibley County Sheriff's Office discovered these cases of Leinenkugel's and Miller Lite beer around 9 a.m. Sunday at the Schilling Lake Boat Access in New Auburn Township:

CREDIT: Sibley County Sheriff's Office Facebook

All this beer was found by a guy who happened to be walking by with his dog! (How he didn't pass out from joy, or feel compelled to take this massive stash and give it a good home in his own fridge is mind boggling).

So if you add up the nine 24-packs of Miller Lite, plus all the beer in those Leinie's 12-packs, that’s roughly 492 bottles of beer - Uff-da!

CREDIT: Sibley County Sheriff's Office Facebook

In case you were unaware: No matter the content, unlawfully depositing garbage or litter is a gross misdemeanor under Minnesota law.

The Sibley County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating.

So, The big question is why was it there? Was it kids planning to have a party? Hiding their stash for the weekend? I'm guessing we won't find out anytime soon...