Since I first walked through downtown Rochester, I've been wanting to check out Hefe Rojo, because I'm a sucker for happy hour margaritas. No shame. Because when you're drinking tequila, you're never not having fun. It's a rule.

I went there on a date last Friday after work, and I immediately dug the place. It's a pretty cool setup - I could see myself going there to post up at the bar to watch a game - and the menu has a lot of stuff I'd still like to try.

I wasn't sure what I was in the mood for, so my waitress recommended a marg called The Good, The Bad, The Spicy, which is made with Hornitos, Tattersall Orange (local Minnesota alcohol for the win!), and spiced pineapple.

Credit: TSM Rochester

It was pretty great, and definitely had a little kick to it. Maybe this is the "just got off work on a Friday" thing talking, but it went down really smoothly. Almost too smoothly. I would order this again. Also, the tacos were very tasty as well:

Credit: TSM Rochester

I would go back. This place was fun. You know, because tequila.