I'm still setting into my new apartment. Slowly, I'm getting furniture to make the place feel more like home. One of my biggest needs was a new computer desk, so over the weekend I drove over to the Home Depot here in Rochester and found one that would perfectly fit into my little office nook. (That's what she said)

It came in a large, heavy box (Tha...never mind). This thing was a beast to haul all the way up to the third floor, but I managed. Already feeling pretty manly over here.

Once I emptied the contents of the box and sorted everything out, I checked the directions, which noted that assembling this desk is a two-person job. Because I'm a dude, I rolled my eyes, sarcastically went, "Yeah, OKAY," and got started.

Credit: Jordan

This took me about 4 hours to put together, but I still had a couple more to go.

First of all, it's definitely not fun assembling a desk on a hardwood floor. By the end of it, my knees and back felt like I got repeatedly drilled by a defensive lineman. Also, the directions were just a series of pictures that weren't always accurate, so once I got done screwing one part, I realized that I messed up, so I had to take it apart, flip it around, and screw it again. (*cough*) It took me about...6 hours? Yeah, I'm probably not getting my own show on TLC anytime soon. But back to my original point: I fully assembled this two-man desk all by myself. I am equipped with the power and assembly knowledge of TWO MEN. 

Credit: Jordan

The drawer still doesn't work right.