Be careful. Once you get inside my head, there's no turning back baby!

You guys might have known a few of these things already, but I thought this was kind of fun. Check it out! How many did you know?


1. I've been a rocker for a really long time.

Cassie Kay Photography

It's been, well, since Aerosmith's Just Push Play came out in 2001. While everyone else was clamoring over the latest Christina Aguilera album, I was investing in the Aerosmith catalogue. This is me in 2009. High school glory.


2. Speaking of Aerosmith.... I've met a few famous rockers.

How many of those guys did you recognize? ;-) All of them were down to earth, and very cool! I didn't get a picture, but I've had the pleasure of interviewing Phil Demmel of Machine Head too.


3. I've lived in four states.

Including my native Pennsylvania, I've lived in South Carolina, Illinois and now Minnesota!


4. My husband and I met in high school.

TSM Rochester

Actual transcript of our first conversation in 2006...

Me (to another friend in 11th grade English class): "You don't know Pantera? Well, they sound like..."

Will: "I like Pantera."

The rest is history...


4. We decided to go with a ZZ Top look when we were introduced as husband and wife.

TSM Rochester


5. My biggest regret is never seeing Type O Negative live.

RIP Pete! I'm a pretty big Type O Negative fan. In fact, I have a three way tie for "favorite band" between Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith and Type O.


6. I can quote four movies from front to back.

Yep! The Big Lebowski is one of them. So is Ace Ventura, Wayne's World and Friday. The dude abides in an alrighty then kinda way, but if you're gonna spew please spew into this - and you know this mmaaaaannnn!!


7. I have a cat named Pantera.

TSM Rochester

She literally meowed along to "Walk" and that's how she got her name.


8. I have fed a musk ox before.

Pictures or it didn’t happen! This is me feeding a fourth month old musk ox just outside of Anchorage, Alaska in September of 2015! So much fun!!


9. I played street hockey in Pittsburgh.

I was the only girl on my team too! Shout out to SPRHL! The South Park Roller Hockey League! I was actually terrible, but I had a lot of fun playing. This was 2002. I was 12.


10. I saw my first lighthouse in Minnesota.

It’s true! I hadn’t seen one until my trip to Duluth last fall! 

11. I've been to what was Kurt Cobain's house.

TSM Rochester

I learned that Kurt maybe spent four weeks there tops. He and Courtney bought the house in January of 1994, and unfortunately, he passed that April. Plus, he was touring within that timeframe.

 So there you have it folks. How many of these did you know?